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Star Wars Republic Attack Gunship Cake

Republic Gunship Cake


Destroying battle droids never looked so tasty!

My son is a really big fan of Star Wars.  So one year, I made him a Republic Attack Gunship birthday cake. 

Republic Gunship Cake
Star Wars Cake

Star Wars Cake

Here are some tips on how I created this cake: 

I used a large loaf pan to bake the cake.  The pan was too long, so I cut the cake to make it about two-thirds of its original size.  I used some of the extra cake to make the back taller and put it on with butter cream icing.  I then cut off some of the front of the cake to make it slanted.


To make the wings, I used pastillage pronounced PAHS-tee-AHJ over foam board. The guns on top are made of marshmallows stuck together with spaghetti and covered with fondant.  The ends of the guns are made of several strands of spaghetti stuck into the marshmallows and covered with fondant. 


The missiles on top are pieces of spaghetti covered in fondant with fondant points.


The disks on the end of the wings are chocolate marshmallow cookies covered in fondant.


The cockpits are large pasta shells covered in fondant. 


The guns in front are balls of fondant with pretzels covered in fondant stuck into them.