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Confirmation Cake Recipe

Confirmation cross cake with watermark
This is a confirmation cake that my daughter and I made for my niece.  It is decorated with a rosary made from a edible chocolate Celtic cross, fondant beads, and nonperal silver beads.    It is an elegant but simple design.  This cake can be used for a Confirmation or First Communion. It has a rich chocolate flavor. The cake recipe was based on the “Bernachon Palet D’or Gateau” recipe in Rose Beranbaum’s Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. 

 To view the cake recipe, click on Bernachon Palet D’or Gateau Recipe

The second  part of the recipe talks about how to make the icing for the cake and how to decorate the cake.  I used the Crème Fraiche Ganache recipe from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. Please click on Crème Fraiche Ganache recipe to view the icing recipe.


The last part of the recipe talks about how to decorate the cake.  Please click on Decorating the Confirmation Cake to view how to decorate the cake.


I had extra cake batter that I used to make Chocolate Ganache Petit Fours.