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Great Chewbacca Cakes

I was talking with Renae from http://www.10buckdinners.com/ the other day on Twitter about Chewbacca cakes, when I realized that I’d never seen a good Chewbacca cake.  I went to Google and found many bad and very bad Chewbacca cakes.  But, I also found a few gems.

I’ll start with the best first:

Chewbacca - Upper Body 
This wonderful cake comes from The Cake Store in London.  If you live near London, you can order you own Chewbacca cake @ http://www.thecakestore.co.uk/acatalog/Star_Wars_Chewbacca_Cake.html


While different, I also really liked this cake

Chewbacca Circle

You can find more information about this cake and its companion Storm Trooper cake @ http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=311591.0.

And here was the best 3-D Chewbacca I found

3-D Chewbacca Head 

I found this cool cake @ http://corticalcafe.com/cakes.htm.

If you know of any other great Chewbacca cakes, leave me a comment and I’ll add it to this list.