My LEGO Millennium Falcon Made From Rice Krispies Treats

This Millennium Falcon was sculpted from Rice Krispies Treats.  I made this ship for my son’s


Once the structure of the ship was finished, I let it dry for a day.  I used the following


My daughter used Wilton’s Easy Glide Fondant Smoother to gently smooth the fondant. 

Next, make a small amount of black fondant and a small amount of red fondant using the procedure above.

To make the main sensor dish, carve out the insides of a mini-vanilla wafer so that it is just a shell. Cover it in the gray color fondant.


Be sure to place a small mound in the middle out of black fondant. Roll out a small piece of the gray fondant on a piece of parchment paper or a fondant mat.  I use Wilton’s Roll & Cut Mat.  Do not use a fondant imprint mat, because your fondant will have a pattern imprinted on it. Cut out gray and black circles for the docking rings/emergency escape hatches.

Use brown mini M&Ms maintenances hatches, and exhaust ports and escape hatches on top of ship. Place a small piece of dark gray fondant on top of M&M’s for hatches and ports or alternately, first cover the M&M’s in dark gray fondant, and then place them on the ship.

Roll out red fondant and use it to make the red designs on the ship.

Use a small piece of blue fondant to make the engine in the rear of the ship. I colored some of the fondant blue using using blue powdered food coloring.  Next color some of the fondant black using black powdered food coloring.  Set the fondant on the table, break off a small chunk and kneed it in your hands until it is soft and pliable. Color some of the fondant black by placing a small amount of gray powered food coloring into the fondant. Kneed the fondant until it is the same color throughout.  Add a small amount of color at a time and add more as needed to get the color black that you want. It may be necessary to add a little bit of spray oil to the black fondant if it starts sticking to your hands too much.

Cut several small circles for the forward flood lights and small rectangles and an x shape for the cockpit view ports.

Place the circles and rectangles onto the ship.

Here’s a picture of the left side of the ship.



Here’s a picture of the finished ship with a

Here’s a picture of the ship on the hangar deck of my son’s