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Rice Krispies Treats: LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

Imperial Shuttle - Before & After


This Imperial Shuttle was sculpted from Rice Krispies Treats. I made this ship for my son’s LEGO Star Wars Death Star Cake .  My Imperial Shuttle is based on LEGO’s miniature Imperial Shuttle.



I use the classic recipe for Rice Kripsies Treats from the cereal box.  If you don’t have a copy, I’ve provided one here – Rice Krispies Treats Recipe .   I make one minor change in the recipe, Kellogg’s recipe calls for pouring the hot mixture into a pan.  I pour them onto parchment paper and shape them.  You must work with the Rice Krispies quickly while they are still warm.  I try to keep the hot Rice Krispies Treats in a mound on the parchment paper to keep them warm longer. 


Here are the steps that I went through to sculpt the Imperial Shuttle.



We don’t own the LEGO Miniature Imperial Shuttle, so I used a picture from the LEGO Star Wars: The  Visual Dictionary.  I also checked out Star Wars books from the library and used them for reference photos as well.  I shaped the main body of the shuttle from Rice Krispies. Then, I made the cockpit and attached it to the shuttle’s main body. 

Next, to make the wings. I pressed a sheet of Rice Krispies out into a thin piece and gently cut three triangular shapes using a knife. Do not cut too hard and cut your counter. The one for the middle wing was larger than the other two for the side wings.

I pressed the wings onto the body of the shuttle as soon as I was happy with their shape.  Try to press them together while everything is still warm so that the pieces will stick together. Here is a top view of the shuttle to show how everything fits together.















One of the the wings did not want to stay on so I used some fondant to attach it to the rest of the shuttle.  Once the structure of the shuttle was finished, I let it dry for a day.  I used the following rolled fondant recipe  to make fondant to cover the shuttle.




I rolled out some of the rolled fondant and carefully used it to cover the structure of the shuttle so that the shuttle would be white. Here is a front view of the shuttle covered in white fondant. My daughter used Wilton’s Easy Glide Fondant Smoother to gently smooth the fondant.  This must be done very carefully so that you do not detach the wings while you are smoothing them.


Here is a side view of the shuttle covered in white fondant.



Next color some of the fondant black using black powdered food coloring.  Roll out a small piece of black fondant on a piece of parchment paper or a fondant mat.  I use Wilton’s Roll & Cut Mat.  Do not use a fondant imprint mat, because your fondant will have a pattern imprinted on it.  Cut a small rectangle and two lines out of the black fondant. Place the rectangle with the two lines coming down from it on the front part of the Imperial Shuttle to make the black cockpit for the shuttle.  You can see it in the next picture.













Here’s a picture of the finished ship with a candy modeling clay Stormtrooper that I made standing beside it.





Here’s a picture of the shuttle on the hangar deck of my son’s LEGO Star Wars Death Star Cake.