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How To Make SpongeBob’s Best Friend Patrick Cake Topper

SpongeBob's Best Friend Patrick


How To Make Patrick Cake Topper

We’re working on a SpongeBob Cake with SpongeBob and Patrick sitting at a table in the Krusty Krab and sharing a Krabby Patty.  Here’s how we made Patrick with Rice Krispies Treats and fondant.

Paper version of Patrick


We needed to make sure that SpongeBob, Patrick, the Krabby Patty and the Krusty Krab table were all the same scale, so we made paper models of each.

Since we’re making a 3-D Patrick, we searched the web for 3-D versions of Patrick and printed them for reference. 



Patrick's Body - Rice Krispies Treats


Here’s Patrick’s body made out of Rice Krispies Treats. I know it doesn’t look anything like Patrick at this point, but it will.  

 Patrick's Body with Arms - Rice Krispies Treats


Here’s Patrick with his arms added.  


Patrick with Big Belly - Rice Krispies Treats 

Patrick has a big belly, so we added more Rice Krispies Treats to his stomach.

You must work with Rice Krispies Treats while they’re hot, so all of this was done in about two minutes. 



Rice Krispies Treat Patrick after cooling



Once our Rice Krispies Treats Patrick had hardened a little, we leveled the bottom of Patrick. 


Patrick covered in fondant



We covered Patrick with pink and green fondant.  I know this looks like the backside of Patrick, but this is actually his front. 



Scary Patrick



We made a small curved indention for Patrick’s mouth and added eyes. 

The whole time we were making Patrick, I kept feeling that he looked like someone else.  When we got to this point, I realized that this version of Patrick looked like Oogie Boogie from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

 Patrick with pupils


We added pupils to Patrick’s eyes and a little red to the inside of his mouth.  It is amazing how much just the pupils add to Patrick.  We could stop here and we’d have a wonderful Patrick.

 Patrick with tongue



We added Patrick’s Tongue. 




We added the blue pattern to Patrick’s shorts. 


Patrick, SpongeBob's Best Friend



And here’s Patrick on the cake.  We added fondant eyebrows and legs.  Patrick is sitting on a barrel at the Krusty Krab.  Patrick’s legs are attached to Patrick and to the barrel.