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Cute Chibi Lord of the Rings Cookies

Lord of the Rings Cookies
Lord of the Rings Cookies

I made these chibi Lord of the Rings cookies for a birthday gift. The Gollum cookie shows his face and several single strands of hair.  His precious is no where to be found on him.

The Legolas cookie has a Leaves of Lorien silver Elven leaf brooch to fasten his cloak.

The Gandalf the Grey cookie has him in his grey hat and robe.

In addition, the Samwise Gamgee cookie has him in a brown robe. His yellow hair makes him easily recognizable.

And the main character of the story is Frodo, so that cookie is in the middle. He is wearing the One Ring on a chain around his neck.


LOTR cookies
LOTR Cookies

These cookies were based on the characters from Chibi Coin Collections: the Lord of the Rings series mint coins by the New Zealand Mint. The coins were made of 1 oz of pure silver.

I liked the look of the mint coin characters, so I recreated their faces in cookie form.

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