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Touche Turtle Comes To Zoo Atlanta

Touche Turtle Cake

I made this Touche Turtle cake for my nephew who volunteers at Zoo Atlanta. My nephew loves helping out at the zoo. He dressed in a turtle costume for Zoo Atlanta during one of his volunteer days, so I made him a cake with Touche Turtle, a famous vintage Hanna Barbara cartoon character.

The Cake is one side of a two-sided cake. The second side will be revealed in tomorrow’s post.

Zoo Atlanta Cake

The cake is white with green grass around the bottom of the cake. A brown monkey is coming out of the grass. There is a bamboo fence around Touche Turtle. A sign near him accounts him as a new exhibit at the zoo. In the background is the Zoo Atlanta sign. Below the sign is a giraffe and an elephant. A brown monkey is standing on top of the sign.

Touche Turtle Cake

Here’s a top view of the cake.

Touche Turtle Cake Topper

Here’s a picture of Touche Turtle with the drawing sheet behind him.