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The Doctor vs The Death Star


I made this Doctor Who Cake for my niece’s birthday. She is a fan of Doctor Who and Star Wars so I wanted to make a cake that combines Doctor Who and Star Wars. I designed a cake that shows what could happen if the TARDIS happened upon the Death Star in outer space.  I could imagine the Doctor’s companion looking into space at the Death Star. The Doctor and the companion would be chatting about what it was. One would say something like, “What is that? Is that a small planet or a moon?” As they get closer, the companion realizes that things are not as they should be and says, “Doctor, that’s no moon.”  

I took the line from Obi Wan where he says “That’s no moon” when talking about the Death Star as the Millennium Falcon is approaching it when it enters the space where Alderaan used to be.

This Cake is one side of a two-sided cake. The other side is a Touche Turtle Cake.

Death Star Cake

Here’s a view of the cake from the top. The TARDIS is flying through space. There are stars and planets all around. And there’s the Death Star from Star Wars.

Doctor Who Cake

The cake board is red. The cake is covered in fondant and airbrushed to look like outer space. The Death Star was made using modeling chocolate. The TARDIS was made from white chocolate colored blue and then painted with blue petal dust. Fondant was used to make the Police Box sign and the white sign on the door. The yellow ribbon in front was made using fondant sheets. The words were written with an edible marker.