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Cyberman, Dalek, Weeping Angel, TARDIS, Oh My!

Doctor Who CookiesHere’s some Doctor Who cookies that I made for my niece who is a big Doctor Who fan. I made cookies of the TARDIS and of some of the great Doctor villains: the Daleks, a Cyberman, and a Weeping Angel. All of the Doctor Who villain cookies have a blue background with black outlines. 

There are a lot of great cookie makers that inspired me by their awesome Doctor Who cookies. I have listed them below each cookie.


The TARDIS is blue with white windows. There is a place sign at the top with the words POLICE BOX. The words Public Call are just scribbled lines because I could not write small enough. 

Black Dalek Cookie

This Dalek cookie was inspired by a Dalek Cookie made by Cookie Cowgirl. The cookie is a image of a Delek where the cookie background shows through the Dalek.  

Cyberman Cookie

This Cyberman cookie design was based on Honeycat CookiesDoctor Who Cyberman Cookie. This is the head of a Cyberman with the features outlined in black. The Cyberman’s eyes are the same color as the cookie.


Dalek Cookie

This Gray Dalek cookie was inspired by Adda Boys Cookies.Dalek Cookies.  The Delek is gray with black outlines of the features.


Weeping Angel Cookie

This Weeping Angel cookie is based on Honeycat CookiesDoctor Who Weeping Angel Cookie. The Weeping Angel is gray with black outlines of the features.  The Weeping Angel has her hands up covering her eyes. 

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