Resistance is Futile and Tasty: Star Trek Borg Cakes and Cupcakes


This Borg Cube was an 8 by 8 torte birthday cake created by Annette.


Borg Cupcakes

These Borg implant cupcakes were posted by a friend of an unnamed baker on Reddit. The Borg implants were made from “rolled icing” and other features were crafted from marzipan. What’s really cool about these cupcakes is that they’re not random Borg, they’re based on actual characters such as Locutus, Seven of Nine, & Hugh.  Can anyone identify all seven?



This Star Trek Borg Cube Cake serves 80 people and was made by  Kicca Cakes   If you in the United Kingdom, drop by and order one.


borg cube eliemoo

This Borg Face with implants cake was created by Elliemoo


borg cube blackmarketcakes

This Borg Cube Birthday Cake was made by Mackenzie Sanders.


borg cube 2

This Borg Cube Wedding cake was posted by a friend of the unnamed baker on livejournal.