This Rapunzel Cake Is Head And Shoulders Above The Rest


Rapunzel Cake

My first thoughts when I saw this cake were – “She stuck a Rapunzel Styling Head on a cake?”  But as I looked at Rapunzel more, I realized that this absolutely amazing Rapunzel wasn’t a toy.  Rheena Sy, AKA Pastrychik, handmade both Rapunzel’s head and the lanterns.  Wow!!!

If you live in or around San Mateo, California.  You can order a stunning cake from Pastrychik.

Rapunzel is made out of Rice Krispies Treats covered with fondant and modeling chocolate. The base is a 12 inch round chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream. The lanterns are edible too!

Here’s a close-up of Rapunzel and the lanterns.  This is without a doubt the best Rapunzel I’ve seen.


Rapunzel Cake

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