Magnificent Musical Mice Cake

Musical Mice Cake 

We have all heard the story of the Pied Piper. This cake reminds me of a bedtime story of the Pied Piper that was taken to the extreme; where instead of the Piper controlling the mice, the mice control the piper with a musical selection that would rival the world over. This amazing musical mice cake was made by Kimberly Chapman for the That Takes the Cake Contest of 2009. Be sure to look through the cakes pictures below and try to find these musical mice: The Beatles, The Phantom of the Opera, The Supremes, The Biscuit Brothers, Elton John, KISS, Elvis, The Wizard of Oz, and John Travolta.


Musical CakeMusical Cake

The singing tenors and the barbershop quartet


Musical Cake

Meet the hippies, the mariachi band, the didgeridoo player, and a gospel choir.


The Beatles Cake

The Beatles (cake topper)


Elton John Cake

Elton John (on the bottom level playing the piano)


The Supremes Cake

The Supremes and the Biscuit Brothers (on the far left side of the bottom letter)


Elvis Cake

Elvis and Elvis (on the right side of the bottom layer)


John Travolta Cake

Jazz and Disco John Travolta  (on the far right side past the gospel choir)



KISS (on the middle of the bottom layer)


Mozart Cake

Mozart (beside Elton John)


Phantom of the Opera Cake

Phantom of the Opera and Brunhilda (on the far left of the middle layer)


Wizard of Oz Cake

Wizard of Oz (middle of the bottom layer)

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