Awesome Light-up He-Man Cake


This Amazing Light-up He-Man Cake was made by Amazing Cakes by Carla, who sent me this fabulous cake. This cake has a dark-blue brick background made from piped buttercream and then airbrushed. The shiny piece behind He-Man was poured sugar that was tinted light-blue. He-Man himself was hand-painted onto a piece of fondant using edible paints.   This fabulous He-Man drawing looks just like the cartoon character.   This cake used three different kinds lights underneath the poured sugar piece.  There were some LED lights, a light made for jack-o-lanterns, and a light taken from a tiara.  The lights were wrapped in fondant to keep them from touching the cake and so they could be easily removed before serving.


He-Man Cake

He-Man Cake

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