Able To Leap Tall Superhero Cakes In A Single Bound

Superhero Cake

Delaney’s Cakes made this 6 foot tall superhero cake.  The cake has 6 layers and each layer is a different flavor.  The cake features Captain America, Batman, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

The bottom layer is Captain America. It is a blue cake with a red and white band on it. In the middle of the band is Captain America’s shield.

The 2nd layer is Batman. It is a grey cake with Batman’s chest emblem. Batman’s cape is draped over the top of this layer.

The 3rd layer is The Hulk. You can see the Hulk’s eyes, nose, and part of his teeth.  The Hulk does not look happy! This layer makes me think of the classic line from the Incredible Hulk TV Show: “You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry”.

The 4th layer is Spider-Man.  This is a red cake with webs and Spider-Man’s chest emblem on it.

The 5th layer is Wolverine.  The cake is the same yellow as Wolverine’s costume.  The top of this layer is slashed and Wolverine’s claws are sticking out of the sides.

Superman stands on top of this layer.  He is holding up the top layer of the cake and Wonder Woman.

The top layer of the cake is blue and has a modified Superman chest emblem on it.  Instead of a big S, this emblem has JR on it.

Wonder Woman sits on top of the cake.



Superhero Cake

Here is a close-up of the first five layers.


Superman Cake Topper

This looks like a job for Superman; anybody else would have gotten cut by Wolverine’s claws.


Wonder Woman Cake Topper

Wonder Woman sits on top of the cake.


Hulk Cake

The Hulk really needs to watch Larryboy and The Angry Eyebrows.

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