Cake Pops Harry Potter

Magical Harry Potter Cake Pops


Harry Potter Cake Pops

These cool Harry Pottery Cake Pops featuring the Golden Snitch and the Sorting Hat were made by Darcy from Infinite Yums.


Golden Snitch Cake Pop

These Golden Snitch cake pops were made from carrot cake dipped in white chocolate. The wings are white fondant. Darcy then painted them bright yellow with a coat of shimmer over top to make them bright and shiny.


Harry Potter Cake Pops

Darcy’s Sorting Hat cake pops were made from chocolate cherry cheesecake in a cone which was then dipped in dark chocolate. Modeling chocolate was used to shape the faces and add details.

Here is a close-up of Darcy’s wonderful Sorting Hat Cake Pop.

Sorting Hat Cake Pop

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