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Look Who’s Talking – These Awesome Avengers Cupcakes

Avengers Cupcakes

These Awesome Avengers Cupcakes were made by SamanthaThey include famous quotes from the movie Marvel’s The Avengers. The cupcakes feature Tony Stark, Iron Man, Thor, Nick Fury, Loki, Steve Rogers, Captain America, Agent Coulson, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, and the Hulk.


Iron Man Cupcake

Iron Man


Thor Cupcake



Nick Fury & Loki Cupcakes

Nick Fury and Loki


Steve Rogers & Tony Stark Cupcakes

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark


Captain America & Agent Coulson Cupcakes

Captain America and Agent Coulson


Black Widow & Hawkeye Cupcakes

Black Widow and Hawkeye


Captain America & Bruce Banner Cupcakes

Captain America and Bruce Banner


Loki & Hulk Cupcakes

Loki and Hulk

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