Fantastic Deadpool Cake

Deadpool Cake

This sensational Deadpool Birthday Cake was made by Grandma’s Sugar Kitchen.  The cake was a spiced pumpkin cake with white chocolate cream cheese filling, whipped buttercream frosting, and covered in rolled fondant.  Wade Wilson is a rice cereal treat sculpture covered in candy clay.

In the comics, Deadpool will make comments about seeing his own captions and at times appears to be aware that he is in a comic book.  This cake was designed to show Deadpool bursting into the real world. 

Here are more pictures of this awesome cake along with great quotes from everyone favorite Merc with a Mouth.


Deadpool Cake


In the immortal words of Clark Whatsisname — up, up and away!


Deadpool Cake


You have any idea how hard it is to find a joint that’ll serve a guy in a mask and bandolier?

They won’t even let me into Taco Bell!


Deadpool Cake


Oh, yeah, he’s totally trustworthy!

Except where money’s involved.

He would sell his granny’s walking cane for a buck.

In fact, I bought his granny’s walking cane for a buck!


Deadpool Cake


Did he say Jughead-naut?

Is that someone who searches for the Archies?


Deadpool Cake

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