Disney Villains

Awesome Disney Villains Cake

Disney Villains Cake

This Awesome Disney Villains Cake was made by Cake Central Member Ana Lucia Pereira.  This Disney cake features Magica De Spell, the Snow Witch, the Beagle Boys and Scrooge’s Money Bin, Maleficent, and the Phantom Blot.  The raven beside Magica De Spell is called Ratface in the comics, but is known as Mr. Poe in DuckTales. The raven on Maleficent’s shoulder is her pet raven Diablo. 



Mad Madam Mim Cake

Mad Madam Mim



Disney Villains Cake

Magica De Spell Cake

The Snow Witch, Magica De Spell, Ratface, and the Beagle Boys



Disney Villians Cake





Disney Villains Cake


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