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Disney Month: Captain Hook Cake


This absolutely stunning Captain Hook Cake was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.  The sculpting on this cake is breathtaking.  Hook’s face is amazing. He looks more like a figure from the ride Peter Pan’s Flight than a cake.

You can only see Captain Hook from the waste up. He has on a red jacket with purple puffy sleeves. He is also wearing a yellow sash and a purple neckerchief. He is wearing a wide brimmed hat. The hat is the same red as his jacket. It has a purple feather on top which is the same color as his neckerchief. Hook has black hair and a long black mustache. 

Captain Hook is leaning on a table and looking at a treasure map. In a brilliant design choice, the table that Hook is using is really the cake board. He is using his hook hand to hold down the map. In his other hand is a candle stick with a candle.

Mike McCarey loves Captain Hook and has created two other cakes starring Peter Pan’s arch enemy. Cake #1 is a variation of this cake. The cake is much large, so Captain Hook is much more detailed.  Cake #2 was made during a live during a Food Network cake competition where the cake won 1st place!