Green Lantern

Great Green Lantern Cookies

Green Lantern Cookies

These cool Green Lantern Cookies were made by Firefly Confections.  Firefly Confections makes some of the coolest geek cookies I’ve ever seen.

If these are Green Lantern Cookies, why are there so many different colored rings? For years, the Green Lantern Corps had green rings and Sinestro, the renegade Green Lantern, had a yellow ring.  When Geoff Johns revitalized Green Lantern a few years ago, he created a whole series of power rings.  In addition to Green there is Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Black, and White.  Each ring color is power by a particular emotion. Green = Willpower, Red = Rage, Orange = Avarice, Blue = Hope, Indigo = Compassion, Violet = Love, Black = Death, and White = Life.

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