Do You Take This Minion To Be Your Lawfully Wedded Wife?

Minion Bridal Shower Cake

This is without a doubt the prettiest minion cake I’ve seen.  Minions are cute, silly, and funny.  I never would have thought to make a minion bridal shower cake. 


This gorgeous cake was made by Sweet Little Morsels.  The cake features a pretty girl minion with wavy dark hair.  Minions don’t usually have lips, but this girl minion has pink lips.  The band which holds on her goggles is white like her wedding dress.  She is wearing a white sleeveless and strapless wedding gown.  The gown has a fine pattern on it.  She is wearing white gloves and a bracelet.  She is wearing a real bridal veil which is joined at her waist so that you can barely see her lower half.  There is band at the top of her veil and it matches her bracelet.