Elsa As The Big Sister, The Queen of Arendelle, and The Snow Queen

Elsa Cake

This Fabulous Elsa Cake was made by Just A Simple Cake by Mommy Sue. This is the first Disney Frozen Cake that I have seen that shows Elsa at different stages of her life. This Disney Frozen cake has three 3D versions of Elsa: Elsa as a girl as the big sister, Elsa as the newly crowned Queen of Arendelle, and Elsa as the Snow Queen.

This cake was made in collaboration with Irish of Qatar for godchild Sam on her seventh birthday.

The top layer of the cake is light blue with white snowflakes to complement Elsa the Snow Queen who is on top of this layer.

The middle layer is red with a two dimensional Arendelle crown with a dark blue jewel in the center. Beside this layer is Elsa the Queen of Arendelle.

The bottom layer of the cake has the pattern of the jacket that the girl Elsa is wearing. The cake layer is dark blue. In the middle is a black band with alternating light blue flowers with small pink centers and pink flowers. There is a pink line above the black band and another pink band below the black band. Beside this layer is Elsa as a girl.

The cake board is light blue. The Birthday name is written in dark blue letters on the cake board.

Disney Frozen Cake

Cake layers lined up without Elsa figures

Disney Frozen Cake

Cake layers with the top two layers off center.

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