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The Jungle Book On Review

Jungle Book Cake

This Fabulous Jungle Book Cake was made by Zucchero e Plovere di Stelle. 

Topping this cake are Baloo and Mowgli. They look like they are dancing and singing a song like “Bare Necessities.” Bagheera is resting on a limb above them. The top layer of the cake is green with darker green jungle plants painted on the side. Shere Khan is sitting on the top of the bottom layer. Kaa is hanging off a tree branch near Khan. There is a knot in his tail from the scene when Mowgli pushed his coils off the tree branch. 

The middle layer looks like a wall of large stones with small pebbles on the top. King Louie is in front of the middle layer of the cake and on top of the bottom layer with his monkey friends. They are standing on darker stones.

The bottom layer of the cake is light blue to represent the sky. Green trees are painted onto the cake layer. In front of this layer is the Jungle Patrol of elephants with Colonel Hathi commanding the patrol. Bagheera called it the Dawn Patrol. The herd has his wife Winifred and his young son Hathi, Jr. The elephants are standing on the cake board on a brown dirt path.  Some of their feet are in the air as if they are marching through the jungle. The rest of the cake board is covered in light brown sand.