Batman, Bats, and the Gotham Cityscape Cake

Batman Cake

This Fabulous Batman Cake was made by Ester Siswadi of CakesDecor.  This three layer cake features Gotham City, Batman’s utility belt, and Batman.

The bottom layer of the cake is surrounded by the Gotham cityscape.  The buildings are black with white outlines. The Birthday age ‘5’ is on two red word balloons which are attached to buildings. The bottom layer of the cake is blue to represent the sky.

The middle layer of the cake is blue gray with Batman’s utility belt surrounding it. The Batman Symbol is in the front of the utility belt.  

The top layer of the cake is yellow. The birthday name is on the side of the cake in yellow and black letters. There are black bats resting on this layer.

At the top of the cake is a large yellow moon with a silhouette of Batman in front of the moon. Four bats are flying in the air above Batman.  I love how Batman is above Gotham City in this cake.  It gives you the impression that Batman is watching over Gotham City and protecting it.

The cake was made using four inch, seven inch, and ten inch cake layers covered in frosting and fondant. 

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