You’ll Get A Kick Out Of This Kung Fu Panda Cake

Kung Fu Panda

If I told you that I had a pagoda, cherry trees, a panda bear, a red panda, a tiger, a snake, and that I was going to mix in cake and Kung Fu, you’d think I’d lost it and was making a disaster.  Mladman Cakes did exactly that and the end results is stunning.  This Kung Fu Panda Cake is absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been to China and don’t know much about Chinese architecture.  So, if I get any of this wrong, please let me know in the comments bellow. The cake itself appears to be a stone pagoda because it has five sections. The wooden structure on top appears to be a Japanese Torri with a large Chinese gong.  The color scheme of the building is wonderful.  All of the stone is grey and white and then all of the accents are blue and red.  I really like how all of the blue accents have the same design and how the cake board also looks like stone.  My favorite part of the building is the two cherry trees.  They are gorgeous. 

There are four characters on the cake.  The center character is Po, The Kung Fu Panda.  To his side are Master Tigress (who appears to be applauding the birthday) and Master Viper.  At the top of the cake is Master Shifu.

At the bottom of the cake is a scroll and a couple of boulders.


Kung Fu Panda Sketch

Before starting on the cake, Mladman Cakes made this cool concept sketch of the cake.

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