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Sensational Severus Snape Cake

Severus Snape Cake

This sensational Severus Snape Cake was made by BlueBay Desserts.  BlueBay Desserts is a one-woman Cake Circus in Vancouver, B.C. where every custom-designed cake and cupcake is lovingly decorated and home-baked from scratch because, Neha likes to make every precious calorie count.


Severus Snape Cake

The cake features a figure of Severus Snape dressed in black.  He has a wand in his hand and a black cauldron at his feet.  I wonder if it is a leaky cauldron? Winking smile  Forgetting my horrible pun, the cauldron calls to mind when Snape was the Potions Master at Hogwarts.


Severus Snape Cake

I laughed out loud when I read the letter on parchment in the center of the cake.  It reads

“Happy Birthday,

you dunderhead.


S. Snape.”


On the side of the cake is the Slytherin Crest, a potion, and the Advanced Potions Making text book.


Severus Snape Cake

Painted on the side of the cake is Snape’s Patronus which is a doe.  Lily Evan’s Patronus was also a doe.  One of the great unanswered questions in Harry Potter is – was Snape’s Patronus always a doe or did it change to a doe in remembrance of Lily? Since Snape was the only Death Eater who could summon a Patronus, maybe his heart break from loosing Lily is what gave him the ability.