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This Baby Groot Cake Will Make You Feel Like Dancing

Baby Groot Cake

Cinnamon Square tweeted me this wonderful Baby Groot Cake that they made.  Cinnamon Square are an award winning bakery, café, and celebration cake makers. They are known for their signature Cinnamon Square and Ricky Sticky Buns. They host Baking Masterclasses and Children’s Parties.  They are located in Rickmansworth, England.  Cinnamon Square is on the web, Facebook, and Twitter


This cake features Baby Groot in a flower pot.  The figure of Groot is amazing.  The body which is looks like twisting shoots of wood is perfect.  They even included the little green shoots that are growing out of Groot. The hand are wonderful. Groot’s face and hair are amazing.  I’ve hand sculpted a Baby Groot figure myself, so I can tell you that it is much harder than it looks.  


Here are two in progress shots of the Baby Groot figure:


Baby Groot Figure

Baby Groot was sculpted from chocolate and hand painted.  Can you imagine if Disney and Marvel sold chocolate Baby Groots?  I’d definitely buy one.


Baby Groot Figure