Harry Potter

Hogwarts Express Runs Through The Middle Of This Magical Cake

Harry Potter Cake

This is so cool!!! This magical Harry Potter Cake has the Hogwarts Express running through the middle of it. It was made by Olga Kanıöz  It is a four tier cake.  The top tier looks like Harry Potter’s school uniform with his glasses.  On top of the cake is the golden snitch. The next tier looks like a bunch of school books with the middle book having the Harry Potter logo on it.  The next tier looks like it is made out of wood.  The name on this layer is written in the font used in Harry Potter books and movie posters.  The bottom layer is grey brick with windows in it. In the middle of this tier is the Hogwarts crest.  This is the tier that the Hogwarts Express runs through.


Close-up of Hogwarts Express

Here is a close-up of the train coming out of the tunnel in the cake.


Hogwarts Crest

The Hogwarts Crest

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