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The Incredibles Battle Syndrome and His Omnidroid Battle Robot

Incredibles Cake

This Magnificient Incredibles Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company. This Disney cake was inspired by scenes from the Disney animated movie, ‘The Incredibles.’ 

At the top of the cake is Syndrome holding Baby Jack-Jack Parr.  Syndrome looks like he is ready kidnap Baby Jack-Jack and fly away. 

Below them is the Omnidroid battle robot that Syndrome created. The Omnidroid is using its tentacles to destroy the city on which it sits. The light on top of the Omnidroid lights up.

There is a yellow word balloon with the red letters ‘POW’ is just below the Omnidroid. Elastigirl, Helen Parr, is reaching toward Baby Jack-Jack. On the other side of the buildings is Buddy Pine as Incrediboy. Buddy later becomes Syndrome. 

Just below the city is Violet Parr and Dashiell Parr (Dash). Violet’s force shield is protecting Violet and Dash from the Omnidroid. Violet and Dash are standing on a mound of ice.

The bottom layer of the cake is blue and white to represent ice. Standing beside the ice is Lucius Best in his Frozone superhero costume. His superpower is creating ice and freezing surfaces. On the other side of this frozen layer is Mr. Incredible. 

Frozone Cake Figure

Close-up of Frozone

Incredibles Cake

Violet and Dash

Incredibles Cake


Incredibles Cake

Syndrome and Jack-Jack

Syndrone Cake Figure

Omnidroid lit up

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