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Dash & Violet Cake

Dash & Violet Cake
Dash & Violet Cake

This cool Dash & Violet Cake was made by Sweet Ruby Artisan Cakes. It shows Violet and Dash from the Incredibles fighting an Omnidroid. The robot has attacked a high rise building. Dash is running from one of the Omnidroid’s robotic arms. Violet is on top of the building. The building is blue with yellow lit windows. The building is topped with the Incredibles logo. The Omnidroid is silver with black stripes. Violet and Dash are in their red and black costumes.

My favorite part of this wonderful cake is the way Trina shows that Dash is running. She creates waving speed lines which start at the claw on the Omnidroid’s arm and end at Dash. If this was a panel in a comic book, the artist would probably have used speed lines like this to show that Dash was in motion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cake that used speed lines like this before. This little touch gives the cake a feeling of action and really makes it stand out.

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