Incredibles Cake Featuring Violet

Cake of Violet from the Incredibles with matching cookies & cupcakes
Incredibles Cake Featuring Violet

This Incredibles Cake Featuring Violet was made by Natulinka. This is a single tier 5th birthday cake. It shows Violet in her costume. She has one gloved hand raised and is holding a red ball. Beside her is the number 5. The birthday cake is topped with the yellow, black, and orange Incredible logo. There are matching cookies, cakesicles and cupcakes around the cake.


A closer view of the Incredibles themed cookies and cupcakes

Here is a closer view of the Incredibles cookies, cupcakes and cakesicles.


Cookies of five of the Incredibles

Cookies of the Parr family – Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack.

The cakes, cookies, cupcakes and cakesicles are all so cute, I bet everyone had an incredible time 🙂

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