Hand Painted Hulk 3rd Birthday Cake

Hand Painted Hulk 3rd Birthday Cake
Hand Painted Hulk 3rd Birthday Cake

Wow! This incredible Hand Painted Hulk 3rd Birthday Cake was made by Lulu com Açúcar. The cake is a simple grey single tier cake with a grey three on top. The design is intention extremely bland and plain because the focal point isn’t the cake. The focal point is the Hulk.

The Hulk has torn the middle of the cake with his hands and his angry face can be seen inside the cake. Lulu’s hand painted Hulk is absolutely astonishing!!! He looks extremely angry because he is snarling and his brows are furled so that his eyes are almost sideways.

Lulu also did a wonderful job giving her painting depth. Just look at the Hulks nose, it really looks like it is further in front of his face than his teeth when in reality both are painted on the side of the cake. That is so hard to pull of this well.


Hand Painted Hulk Cake

Here is another variation of this Hulk Cake by Lulu. Both versions are wonderful.


I have to disagree with David Banner. This is one case where I really like you when you’re angry!

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