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Valentine’s Day Cake Disney Style

Mickey Mouse Cake

Love is in the air Disney style on this Valentine’s Day cake featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. This wonderful cake was made by Le Torte di Barbarap.  

At the top of this cake is a large pink heart with a small purple butterfly at the top left part of the heart. Just below the heart, Mickey is smiling at Minnie while offering her a pink flower.  One can tell from the looks on their faces that Mickey and Minnie are in love.

Mickey and Minnie are on the top layer of this pink cake. The side of this layer has white stripes and a white cascade rope. There are small purple flowers with green leaves at the top of every other white stripe. There is a number ‘4’ for 4th Wedding Anniversary.

Just below them on the bottom layer are Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. One can also tell that Donald and Daisy are in love by the way they are glancing at each other.

The bottom layer of the cake is white on top and pink on the side. There is a large pink bow in the front of the layer. The cake board is trimmed in white fur.

         Happy Valentine’s Day!

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