Casablanca Wedding Anniversary Cake

Casablanca Cake
Casablanca Wedding Anniversary Cake

This Terrific Casablanca Wedding Anniversary Cake elegantly captures the romance of the movie Casablanca. This looks like a 25th Wedding anniversary Cake since everything is silver. This cake was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes. The largest top layer of the cake has the silver plane that flies from Casablanca to Lisbon. The smallest bottom layer of the cake has Rick and Ilsa. I titled the post, Bake It Again, Sam because in Casablanca, when Ilsa comes back into Rick’s life, she asks Sam to once again play a favorite song of Rick and her when they were in love in Paris called “As Time Goes By.”

This is a three tiered cake that is inverted so that the largest layer is at the top. A large top layer made it easier to build the plane to Lisbon. Rick and Ilsa are standing on the smallest layer of the cake.

The entire cake reminds me of the last scene in the movie Casablanca where Rick and Ilsa are talking just before the plane to Lisbon takes off. Rick Blaine of Rick’s Cafe Americain is explaining to Ilsa that she must leave him and go with her husband, Victor Laszlo, to Lisbon.  He tells her that they will always be able to remember the love that had when he tells her, “We’ll always have Paris.”  He explains that in the grand scheme of world events around them, they must choose what is best for the world. She must go with her husband because her husband needs her by his side to continue the fight for freedom against world domination by the Nazis. He says that he must go where she cannot follow.  He finishes off with “Here’s looking at you, kid.” 

After the plane takes off, at the end of the movie, Rick and Louis head of to the free French garrison in Brazzaville. Rick says to Louis: “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

The three layers of the cake are silver with a pattern of lines. The silver gives each layer the appearance of metal. There is a small white band of icing at the bottom of each cake. Each cake has its own separate white cake board. 

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