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Olaf On An Icy Pond With Elsa

Frozen Cake

This Fabulous Frozen Birthday Cake was made by Isbilya Cakes. This Disney Cake features Elsa in her icy blue dress holding a white snowflake in her hand. Her yellow hair is braided into a ponytail in front of her.  Olaf is beside her, standing on one foot on an icy pond. It looks like he is about to skate across the ice. He is smiling and has both arms up in the air. A purple flower with green stems and leaves is in front of Olaf. There is a brown snow covered tree stump near Elsa. Olaf and Elsa look great.

The cake is blue. There are white snow drifts around the top edges of the cake overhanding onto the side of the cake.  The side of the cake is blue with white icicle lines coming up from the bottom. There are white snowflakes on the side of the cake.

Frozen Cake

Here’s a close-up of the Birthday name in blue letters with white accents on top of white snowflakes and white snowdrifts. 

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