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Mrs. Potts and Chip Wish You A Happy Mother’s Day

Mrs Potts Cake 10

Since today is Mother’s Day, I wanted to spotlight a Disney mom and child. Looking around, this Mrs. Potts and Chip cake seemed perfect. This Fabulous Mrs. Potts cake was made by Fatto di Zucchero.

Mrs. Potts is Chip’s mom and she takes care of him in the Beast’s Enchanted Castle in the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.    I always thought Mrs. Potts was a wonderful character and Chip was so cute as a cup.  I like the scene where Mrs. Pots sings Beauty and the Beast while Belle dances with the Beast in the ballroom. At the end of the song, Mrs. Potts kisses Chip goodnight and says to him:  “Off to the cubboard with you now, Chip. It’s past your bedtime. Good night, love.”

Between The Pages would like to say to mothers everywhere:

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mrs Potts Cake

The cake is a light purple single layer cake. It is decorated with a purple ribbon and gold trim to make it look like a crown. There is a red rose on top of the cake with several petals that have fallen off. The rose has a green stem and green leaves. It is the Beast’s rose to show he is running out of time.

Mrs. Potts and Chip are standing beside other on the top of the cake. Their bases are purple with a yellow band and pink and blue decorations. Most of Chip and Mrs. Potts body and face is white. Mrs. Potts has on a purple cap top with a pink handle at the top. Chip has a chip out of him. His nose is the cup handle.

Beauty and The Beast Cake

Mrs. Potts and Chip were made using sugar paste. These Beauty and the Beast figures are adorable.

Mrs Potts Cake

Here’s an in progress picture os Mrs. Potts.

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