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Cute Mrs. Potts Cake

Mrs. Potts Cake

Happy Mother’s Day!

This great Mrs. Potts Cake was made by Simply Sweet ~ cakes and cupcakes.  This 6th Birthday Cake features Mrs. Potts on top of a pink circular cake stand.  Mrs. Potts has a purple and gold top, a gold handle, and a pink, purple, green, and gold base.  She has a big large eyes and big smile.


Mrs. Potts Cake



Mrs. Potts is one of my favorite characters in Beauty and The Beast.  She seems more sincere than the other characters in the castle.  Like everyone who was transformed, Mrs. Potts longs to be human again.  But, she also seems to really care about both Belle and the Beast.  Having Angela Lansbury be the voice of Mrs. Potts was brilliant.  She gave an absolutely wonderful performance as Mrs. Potts.  She is friendly, wise, and a great mother to Chip.  I love her scenes with Chip so much that I thought she was the perfect character to feature on Mother’s Day.

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