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Stunning Chibi Robin Cake


This Stunning Chibi Robin Cake was made by Ann-Maries Cakes. This Chibi Robin Cake has Robin standing behind a chocolate birthday cupcake with chocolate icing. The cupcake contains a single birthday candle. Robin is holding a bow with a match tip on the end to light the birthday candle. This Robin is part of Teen Titans GO! Robin is wearing black topped blue boots. His costume has a black cape with a yellow lining. He is wearing a yellow utility belt. HIs gloves, shirt sleeves and pants are green.  This Superhero Cake was made for an 8th birthday celebration. 

This cake was made from a White Velvet Cake covered in white chocolate ganache and filled with strawberry flavored white chocolate ganache. The cake was covered in fondant and modeling chocolate. 

Close-up of Robin Cake

Here’s a close-up of Robin’s face. He is wearing his black and white face mask that covers his eyes. His costume is green and red with the yellow ‘R’ for Robin.