Doctor Who

Splendid Exploding TARDIS Cookie

Doctor Who Cookie

My daughter made this Exploding TARDIS Cookie using spare icing and cookies from a recent cookie project.  She had fun creating this Geeky edible creation.  The cookie has swirly patterns in blue, orange and white. The TARDIS is shown on the cookie at multiple points as it is swirling around in space. The colors matched the colors of cookies made the previous day.

She loves watching Doctor Who episodes. This Doctor Who cookie design is based on the exploding TARDIS painting done by Van Gogh in the Doctor Who episode: The Pandora Opens.  Van Gogh paints a representation of his visions of the TARDIS exploding. 

I really liked the way the Doctor and Amy were able to travel back in time and meet and talk with a famous painter like Vincent Van Gogh and have Van Gogh influenced by the TARDIS and by Amy’s suggestion to paint Sunflowers.

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