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This Harry Potter Cake Will Leave You Speechless

 Fleur’s Wedding Dress


This absolutely stunning cake was made by McGreevy Cakes for the Harry Potter Themed cake collaboration – Birthday Mischief Managed.  Birthday Mischief Managed is a worldwide collaboration of food artists to celebrate J.K. Rowling’s 50th Birthday. The collaboration went live on July 31st, the date of H.K. Rowling’s and Harry Potter’s birthday.

Over on her blog, Shawna wrote an wonderful piece about the cake and her love for the Harry Potter books.  Here is her description of her cake.

We each chose a part of one of the books to represent, and I chose Bill and Fleur’s wedding.  I loved how Fleur stood by Bill, after his face had been scarred and his life changed forever… when no one thought she would.  Girl was made of more “stuff” than people pegged her for, and that’s always a scenario that moves me.

So I chose to recreate her, in her seriously cool wedding dress, on the day she stood by her man and said “forever… for better or worse.”


Harry Potter Wedding Cake

The cake was three tiers. They were covered in white fondant and airbrushed black.  The three cakes were set forward so that they are lined up and flush in the front, and slightly off center.


Harry Potter Wedding Cake

Fleur, was hand cut out of gumpaste, painted, and then attached to the front of the cake with melted chocolate.


Harry Potter Wedding Cake

Shawna cut the wafer paper into thin strips, brushed piping gel onto one side of the strips, and then pleated the strips with by  hand and attached them onto the cake with some shortening.  She started at the bottom and overlapped each row as she went up.  At the top, she tucked them underneath the gumpaste plaque.  She added a second layer in select areas to give it just a bit more depth.

Shawna recorded the following time lapse video of her creating this cake: