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Harley Quinn Drops the Hammer

Batman Cake

This Wonderful Harley Quinn Cake was made by Jean Schapowal of Cakes With Character.

This Batman Villain Cake is part of Renshaw USA fondant collaboration.

This is a wonderful figure of Harley Quinn. She is dressed in her red and black jester’s costume. She has a smile on her face.

Harley Quinn is sitting on the handle of a huge wooden mallet or hammer.  There are gold bands around the hammer and gold where the handle joins the mallet. There are four small red diamonds on the upward hammer part of the mallet. There is a crushed piece of wood under the hammer.

The cake board has a dark brown wood grain floor pattern. The dark brown color of the wood contrasts nicely with the red, black, and light brown of the cake. Just in front of Harley Quinn is her name written in a red background with white letters and black letters.

In a deck of cards there is always a joker card which is represented Harley Quinn’s jester / harlequin costume. On the cake board, there are icons for the four suites in a card deck. There are red diamonds and a red hearts and black spades and a black club. 

Harley Quinn Cake 

Harley Quinn is wearing a red and black outfit. She is wearing a black mask and bright red lipstick. Her jester’s hat is red and black. The hat, top, gloves, pants, and shoes are alternating red and black. 

The detail of the woodgrain in the boards and the nails in each board of the flooring can be seen in this close-up photo.