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Would You Buy A Pinocchio Cake from Honest John?

Gideon Foulfellow Cake

This Fabulous Honest John with Pinocchio Cake was made by AWG Hobby Cakes.

This cake is part of the When You Wish Upon a Star Cake Collaboration of thirteen bakers to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the release of Disney’s Pinocchio in the United Kingdom.

Honest John is standing on top of a square Pinocchio cake. This is an excellent edible likeness of this Disney villain.

The cake is a light tan cube with a portrait of Pinocchio on the front of the cake. Pinocchio has a puzzled look on his face. 

Honest John Foulfellow Cake

Honest John aka. J. Worthington Foulfellow is wearing green pants and a light green vest. He has on a blue cape. He is propping one hand on a cane. 

He is a sly and crafty fox con man who tricks Pinocchio into getting into trouble. He persuades Pinocchio not to go to school, but rather to take the easy road and perform at Stromboli’s caravan of puppets. 

Later on Honest John persuades Pinocchio to go to Pleasure Island where Pinocchio narrowly escapes being totally turned into a donkey. He tells Pinocchio that he has a bad allergy that can only be cured by a vacation on Pleasure Island. Pinocchio leaves the island with donkey ears and a donkey tail.

Pinocchio Cake

The cake board is covered in a light brown cobblestone pattern. There is an orange mushroom with a white stem in front of the cake. There is a green vine that starts with two white flowers at the base of the cake. It climbs up the side of the cake and ends with two white flowers at the top of the cake.