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Awesome Hand-painted Maleficent Cake

Maleficent Cake

This Awesome Hand-painted Maleficent Cake was made by Simply Delicious Cakery. 

This is a three tier white cake. The bottom layer of the cake has large fondant black thorn bushes to make a forest of thorns going up the side of the cake. Maleficent surrounds King Stefans’s castle in a forest of thorns to prevent Prince Phillip from reaching the castle and awakening Sleeping Beauty with true love’s kiss.

The side of the top two layers has a hand painting of Maleficent’s head. There is a red rose beside her head and a red rose at the top of the cake. This Maleficent is based on the animated Maleficent in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

The cake board is trimmed in red to match the red roses.

The red roses on this cake remind me of the description of Princess Aurora who has lips as red as the rose.  The three fairies also refer to Aurora as Rose.

The red roses and Maleficent and the forest of thorns reminds me of the conflict between Maleficent and Briar Rose  (another name for Sleeping Beauty or Princess Aurora.)

This Disney cake was covered in fondant and hand painted and airbrushed. The roses were made from gum paste.

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