Doctor Who Meets The Nightmare Before Christmas

Doctor Who Cake 

This Terrific Doctor Who and Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake was made by Black Cherry Cake Company. This multi-tiered Doctor Who cake has the TARDIS on the top of the cake. This cake does a wonderful job combining Doctor Who and The Nightmare Before Christmas to make great wedding cake.

Jack Skellington and Sally are popping out of the TARDIS. The TARDIS is shaped like a wooden coffin. Jack is dressed like Matt Smith on this Doctor Who Cake. He is wearing a red Fez hat and his black and white striped suit with the bat bowtie. He is peeking out the door of the TARDIS. Sally is peeking around the side of the TARDIS.

The head of Zero can be seen on the top of the TARDIS where the light usually goes. There is a small orange pumpkin at the base of the TARDIS.

The top layer of the cake is gray with a hand painting of the spiral hill and moon from The Nightmare Before Christmas. There is a silhouette of a Dalek against the moonlight. There is a single orange pumpkin at the base of this top layer.

The middle layer is light gray and divided up into panels. There are shadows of dead trees between each panel. The panels have paintings of an orange Jack-o-Lantern, a Blue TARDIS, and a Christmas tree.

The bottom layer of the cake is blue, very similar to the color of the TARDIS. It has a black silhouette painting of a bat, a dead tree and a dilapidated house with smoke coming out of the chimney.

There are two small orange Jack-o-Lantern pumpkins at the base of the cake. Behemoth is sitting beside the cake.  He has an axe in his head and he is wearing blue overalls.