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Cute Olaf and Friends Christmas Cake

Olaf Christmas Cake

This adorable Disney Christmas Cake was made by Emma James Cakes.  Emma made this cake for her nieces and nephews last Christmas.  It features Olaf, Rex from Toy Story, and WALL-E because they are their favorite characters.  Rex and WALL-E are wearing Santa Hats.  Olaf’s facial expression and the way his arms are out, make it look like Olaf is trying to keep his two friends from opening their Christmas presents early.

The center of the cake is a Christmas Tree with presents and a teddy bear under it.  The Christmas Tree has a star on top and is decorated with gold garland and candy canes.  The word Christmas is on the front of the cake.  The side of the cake is decorated with candy canes.  Even the trim at the bottom of the cake looks like a red, white, and green candy cane.  There are also candy canes on the red cake board.

The Disney Channel used to have a animated series called the House of Mouse.  It showed cartoons featuring characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy.  But the thing which made the show special was that the club which showed these cartoons featured all different Disney characters interacting with each other.  I always enjoyed those segments because you got to see characters interact who never had been seen together before.  That’s the charm of this cake.  I love how the cake makes it looks perfectly normal for Olaf, Rex, and WALL-E to be friends who celebrate Christmas together.

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