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This Greedo Cake Shot First!

Greedo Cake

This great Greedo Cake was made by my friend Jean from Cakes with Character.   Jean recently launched a  website for her bakery. Jean did a wonderful job recreating this famous Rodian bounty hunter.  The detail on Greedo is terrific.  I really like Greedo’s antennas and snout.  Greedo is even wearing his classic orange vest.

Jean made Greedo from cake, Rice Krispies Treats, modeling chocolate, and Satin Ice Fondant. Jean used her sugar shapers to add texture on this alien bounty hunter.  Greedo was painted with cocoa butter paints and lustre dusts!


Greedo Cake

I wrote a long post about who shot first. While I’m still strongly in the Han Shot First Camp, I think the retcon that Greedo shot first may have been the best thing that happened to him.

Let me explain.  The very first Star Wars action figures were the famous Early Bird Kit which could be ordered directly from Kenner during the Christmas of 1977.  Greedo wasn’t part of the Early Bird Kit and didn’t get an action figure until 1979.  I’m not an expert on Star Wars Toys, but from what I can tell Greedo didn’t get a 2nd action figure until 19 years later in 1996.  The extended edition of A New Hope came out in 1997 which featured the retcon that Greedo shot first.  Since 1997, Greedo has had at least five action. But, it isn’t just action figures, I went to Amazon and searched for Greedo.  There were 389 hits.  There is everything from Greedo Bobble Heads, Greedo LEGO mini-figures, Greedo Disney Vinylmation, Greedo keychains, Greedo plushes, Greedo pillowcases… The list goes on and on.  The Han Shot First controversy took this minor character and made him a really well know character.  So for Greedo, the retcon is without a doubt the best thing that even happened to him.


Greedo Cake


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