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Arlo and Spot’s Grand Adventure Cake

The Good Dinosaur Cake

This Wonderful The Good Dinosaur Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company. Spot is on Arlo’s back on this Magnificent Disney cake. Spot and Arlo look Amazing.

Argo and Spot wind up as an unlikely pair on a grand adventure to find Arlo’s family. They encounter many obstacles and meet some foes who would try to stop them. The story of how they become friends along the way and make it back to Arlo’s family is told in the Disney movie The Good Dinosaur.

Argo and Spot figures on the cake are smiling. Argo is a light green dinosaur with darker green stripes. There is a rocky terrain around them.  There is white number 1 on a rock to represent the birthday age.  The Birthday name is written in white letters on the cake board. The cake board is painted light brown to represent dirt. There are small green plants in the rocks and small rocks not he cake board around Arlo and Spot.