Get Back To The Future With This DeLorean Cake

Back To The Future Cake

This Wonderful DeLorean Cake was made by Pink Cake Box. This Fabulous Back To The Future cake was made to look as much like an actual DeLorean as possible. The cake board is red with bumps and creases to look like the car is traveling through time. This Back To The Future Wedding Cake was the Groom’s Cake for a lucky Groom.

In 2017, just like Doc Brown, you will be able to own and drive around in your DeLorean vehicle.Who knows? You could be the next eccentric inventor to create your very own DeLorean time machine. 

The DeLorean Motor Company, based in Texas, is producing a new DeLorean car based on the DeLorean in the movie, Back To The Future.  There will only be 300 cars made. This new car will have a 300 horsepower engine, instead of the 130 horsepower engine of the original vehicle. The company plans to produce about one car a week in 2017. The cost should come in under one hundred thousand dollars.

The new DeLorean will have gull-wing doors and a stainless steel exterior, just like Dr. Brown’s car.