Elsa’s Ice Palace In Many Shades of Blue

Frozen Cake

This Superb Disney Frozen Birthday Cake was made By Khushi.  Elsa’s Frozen Palace has many shades of blue on this Disney Frozen Cake. I like the way the baker uses different shades of blue to show how light shines through ice of different thicknesses in different ways.

There is a large white number three on Elsa’s Frozen Castle to represent the birthday child’s age.  There is a golden crown over the three. A large white snowflake is at the top of Elsa’s Castle.  

The Ice Castle looks like it might be made using modeling chocolate and shaded with darker hues of blue to give a marbled blue effect. 

This Disney cake is a single layer cake covered in the same blue as Elsa’s Frozen Palace. The top of the cake and part of the sides are covered in white fondant to look like white snow. The birthday name is written in silver letters on a blue banner on the top of the cake in front of the Ice castle. Elsa is standing beside the name banner and in front of the castle.

There is a silver banner on the blue part of the side of the cake with the words Happy Birthday. A few silver snow flakes are on the cake near the blue.  

The blue, white, and silver are a really nice use of color and since the crown is the only thing gold, it really pops out. I really like the way the blue of the cake layer and the blue of Elsa’s Ice palace match.

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